Lowbrow art or Pop Surrealism Lowbrow art or Pop Surrealism Reviewed by JUURI on 1:48 AM Rating: 5

Ikenaga Yasunari

12:05 PM
OK, my blog is turning into an endless cool artists I've found log. But I can't resist! I CAN'T!!!!!!!! I love the flat illustra...
Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Reviewed by JUURI on 12:05 PM Rating: 5

Kumaori Jun

11:49 AM
I just randomly discovered a Japanese artist whose work is sooooo wonderful! They are very surreal, yet capture many landscapes and Japanese...
Kumaori Jun Kumaori Jun Reviewed by JUURI on 11:49 AM Rating: 5

Peacock Love

1:59 PM
I posted about this on Tumblr before but now that I've moved to Blogger, let me say it again: I love peacocks! I love their SUPER rich b...
Peacock Love Peacock Love Reviewed by JUURI on 1:59 PM Rating: 5
1:16 PM
After all my searching around for blogs, I've just settled on plain old blogger because it's simple and allows people to leave comme...
Reviewed by JUURI on 1:16 PM Rating: 5
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