Sketch for new painting

9:55 PM
My latest sketch. I'm trying to incorporate dynamic poses and momentum (like in the hair.) However she's a mermaid (in a certain way...
Sketch for new painting Sketch for new painting Reviewed by JUURI on 9:55 PM Rating: 5
My latest fave: Horikita Maki My latest fave: Horikita Maki Reviewed by JUURI on 10:04 AM Rating: 5

Audrey Kawasaki's new show

9:55 AM
Haheee, haheeeeee.... my eyeballs are about to burst from seeing so much beauty in Audrey Kawasaki's new show in Australia. I didn't...
Audrey Kawasaki's new show Audrey Kawasaki's new show Reviewed by JUURI on 9:55 AM Rating: 5

My new mini-studio space

11:31 PM
Our house is very tiny, and rather dark as well. There's not much space for me anywhere to have a studio, so... I commandeered a small c...
My new mini-studio space My new mini-studio space Reviewed by JUURI on 11:31 PM Rating: 5
Beautiful Sawajiri Erika!!! Beautiful Sawajiri Erika!!! Reviewed by JUURI on 1:28 PM Rating: 5

Géraldine Georges

9:42 AM
Ahhh, thanks to Audrey Kawasaki's blog, I discovered this artist today. Her works are all wonderful, mad, creepy, and brilliant!!! XD ...
Géraldine Georges Géraldine Georges Reviewed by JUURI on 9:42 AM Rating: 5
Frame for "Spring," apologies Frame for "Spring," apologies Reviewed by JUURI on 6:01 PM Rating: 5

Spring -春-

9:57 PM
Yay! I finished the sketch from the previous post. Amazingly, I like her quite well... The giant kanzashi in her hair took quite a while to ...
Spring -春- Spring -春- Reviewed by JUURI on 9:57 PM Rating: 5
Beautiful images for my brain Beautiful images for my brain Reviewed by JUURI on 10:30 PM Rating: 5
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