A Cheerful Girl for Once: "Fragile -Utakata-"

Here is my happiest-looking girl yet with her faint, mysterious little smile. She had a sweet vulnerability in her eyes, so that's why I named her "Fragile -Utakata-." She is surrounded by Japanese Chrysanthemums with gold leaf drips all around.

She is 12x20, mixed media on board. $375/Free shipping in the US.
A Cheerful Girl for Once: "Fragile -Utakata-" A Cheerful Girl for Once: "Fragile -Utakata-" Reviewed by JUURI on 9:10 PM Rating: 5


  1. Your work is superb! Met your hubby on 48days.net just stopped by.

  2. Thanks so much Roy; I'm actually reading your e-book right now!


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