Contemporary style: "Autumn Showers -Shu Rin-"

I finished a painting of a girl in a little different style than my usual. I just wanted to try something fun and experimental, maybe something I could keep for my room. (Of course it's still available to buy.)


It seems like it might be more of an interior design wall art type of thing rather than gallery art, but oh well! It was fun and refreshing to do something new. And, I'm not offended AT ALL if people think "Oh, that'll look nice on my wall" or "that will match my living room."

A lot of artists get irritated when they hear people say that, but... I don't understand why. After all, the buyer will hang the piece in their house. Why shouldn't they look for something that looks good with the feel of their space? In any case, if anyone ever asks me to do a piece with specific colors and look in mind, I'm glad to fulfill all their requests without one single tinge of indignation whatsoever.
Contemporary style: "Autumn Showers -Shu Rin-" Contemporary style: "Autumn Showers -Shu Rin-" Reviewed by JUURI on 11:16 AM Rating: 5

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  1. i love your attitude, julie. it is a reflection of your heart to think of others more than yourself. a humble person is a teachable one. you will be growing in your talent by leaps and bounds. what a treasure! (j.fujii)


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