These Goosebumps are Becoming Painful

I'd seen Mizuhara Kiko in ViVi magazine before... I'd always thought she was very pretty but didn't give it much thought because, well, all those girls are stunning, and usually fashion magazines photograph the models in such a way that they are secondary to whatever clothes/makeup/bags/shoes they are advertising. (Which of course makes sense.)

BUT I was reminded about her because of Audrey's blog post today. I then launched a renewed effort to find photos of Kiko online... and came upon this treasure trove on tumblr.

I AM IN THE PROCESS OF KICKING THE BUCKET FROM BEAUTY OVERLOAD. I am not joking or exaggerating; my goosebumps are so severe that it hurts my skin. I cannot function today or do anything else other than collecting Kiko's photos like a super scary stalker fan. I am looooosing my mindddddd!
These Goosebumps are Becoming Painful These Goosebumps are Becoming Painful Reviewed by JUURI on 11:05 AM Rating: 5

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