Sunday, July 24, 2011

Works of Amano Yoshitaka

At Hastings today I saw a marvelous book on sale, Amano: The Complete Prints. It is a very handsome hardcover books showing ALL his prints. I have actually not seen his work before so it was a splendid discovery! I love the use of color, the ideas, the elaborate linework... and I am kicking myself in the head for not purchasing it for $20! MEH! I had thought that it would be cheaper on Amazon used, but alas, the cheapest is $54! I am SO zooming back to Hastings tomorrow to grab it. Woe to me if it's gone by then.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hikari Shimoda

OK, this morning I am so sleepy (my sleepiness started yesterday evening in the car and has continued till this morning) and I am sitting here in a daze. All I can think about is fluffy covers and sheets and pillows and sleeeeeeeping!

But luckily, this morning Cgunit reminded me of someone that is rocking my sleepy socks off. This person is Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda. Her use of color is mesmerizing me like insane. The kids in her work are slightly creepy, slightly weird, but something about them fascinates me and I want to see more. MORE, I say!

Her color and style also remind me of another favorite of mine, Fuco Ueda. So much wonderful art; I think I just woke up.