Yokai Girl: "Torn Tail -Osaki-"

OK, I mentioned before that I wanted to start exploring the world of female yokai. Yokai are traditional Japanese monsters in folklore. They are very interesting because each one is different and has different characteristics. I am also still under the influence of my childhood obsession with Ninjasentai Kakuranger, which featured a new badguy yokai each episode! So enthralling!

Haha, here's their version of the fox woman with nine tails, kyuubi no kitsune!

And here is a ukiyo-e depicting one. It makes more sense than the Kakuranger version, for sure. XD

Here's a Chinese version.

Haha. And now, here's my version of the infamous fox-girl below. This was actually a commission piece for a lovely fellow in Texas. I can't wait to portray some other female yokai!

Yokai Girl: "Torn Tail -Osaki-" Yokai Girl: "Torn Tail -Osaki-" Reviewed by JUURI on 12:58 PM Rating: 5

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