Monday, May 21, 2012

Sticking to a Schedule - the Magical Key to Creativity

Even while she was creating art, the Before-JUURI would feel a tinge of horror/guilt/dismay that important marketing, social media, and blog needs were not being attended to. She always felt like she was behind on something or other; there never was a moment's peace!

The Now-JUURI is quite improved. She writes blog posts regularly (about one per week,) keep websites and stores updated, replies to emails, runs giveaways, ships sold work, finds inspiration, AND creates artwork in peace... the horrible guilty-dismay feeling is gone!

What changed the frazzled Before-JUURI into the productive Now-JUURI?

I'll tell you in one magical word.


Yeap, schedule. It sounds so simple, but it's been the key to my using my time better and getting things accomplished. Although I always used to feel that there were literally not enough hours in the day on planet Earth, once I mapped out my days, I realized that I had big chunks of time that I could set aside for artwork ONLY and not worry about ANYTHING else under the sun (except answering the phone and doing office stuff, which is still my day job at the moment.) Here's that all-important schedule that I speak of so highly!


As you can see, if I organize my time this way, I will always have a blog post for each week (I actually time out my posts so I'm writing a week ahead of time, usually) PLUS time for all-important artwork, PLUS time to do lots of other extra activities like DIY stuff for my home, updating my fashion blog, and helping my husband with ideas for his audio / video business. I didn't need to move to Venus to have enough hours in the day after all! Hurray for planet Earth and its ample 24-hr day.

↑ Me working away with my newfound productivity. Photo by my artist buddy Jerrod Smith.

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