Monday, June 25, 2012

The Separation of Art & Money

Here's to all my artists who were born with mad crazy talent. To all the ones who practice hours on end, day after day, obsessively maniacal about their craft... but don't have letters after their names to prove they paid for (or are eternally paying for) a man-made degree.

To all the crazy buddies who don't see lack of funds as an obstacle. To the ones who will paint on scrap wood out of dumpsters when they can't afford a canvas. Because creativity can't be bridled by limited supplies. Because creativity is in your very souls.

To my friends who create whatever their artist minds long to create, whether it makes sense, whether it will sell, whether the paper they happened to start drawing on is 100% acid free archival with 100-year guaranteed longevity. To those who must, who are driven to, capture those beautiful fleeting moments.

To those who are brave enough to separate art from money. To be continually enthralled by insane ideas, outrageous ventures, and mad all-nighters.

To all my artists who will never be noticed by the super rich, influential people. Not because they aren't good enough, but because they are too good to perform their craft to suit another person's approval.

To those who don't seek to be under the shadow of someone else's greatness, but who make their own greatness.


PS. I adore you.

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