Monday, October 7, 2013

Exciting Changes! + I Need Your Advice

I've been taking a little break from my Japanese art and exploring colors and forms with my abstracts. It's refreshing to switch gears sometimes, and keep my creative brain working without getting too stale.

 However now I've got some new ideas for my Japanese art, which I'm excited to try out. Maybe more faces on wood (only faces!) and a few more kimono patterns surrounding. Perhaps a few smaller square pieces.

This past Friday, I QUIT MY DAY JOB! So now I'm a 100% full-time artist. I am super excited and not afraid at all. My creativity and ideas are exploding, and so are my new ventures.

I learned that positive attitudes really show in your art, and negative attitudes really poison them. I'm not quite sure how this is possible, but it absolutely is: if you are happy, excited, and passionate about what you create, other people will respond and be excited alongside you. If you have a negative attitude and always complain about how people don't respect art, how no-one will attend your shows or buy your paintings, that comes true too. Make an effort to be positive and refuse to think dark thoughts! It might be a struggle at first, but you'll see how your world completely changes because of it.

Photo by Julie Ann Tingley. via Flickr

I also started a new fashion blog called "The Fierce Lamb." It shows off my unique style of girly & tomboyish fashions. Though I try to dedicate enough time to art, I can't live without enjoying fashion. I am so passionate about it, and when I push it to the side to make more time for painting, my creativity suffers. It's strange how all these facets of my interests affect one another.

"The Fierce Lamb" has some exciting projects in the works, too. Announcements soon!

OK, so here's my conundrum amidst all this wonderfulness. I have so many wonderful, exciting ventures that I can't keep up with all my websites! Marketing them all separately is hard, too. I have so many blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitters, ah!

However I hesitate to combine them because I know the value of a carefully curated website with one consistent topic only. What to do, what to doooooo.

Does anyone have advice for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

<3 JUURI / Julie

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