Tuesday, November 3, 2015

知らない場所の懐かしさ | The familiarity of a place I've never been

From JUURI's instagram feed.
From JUURI's instagram feed.

 日本語でブログを書きたくなりました。 可笑しな日本語でごめんなさい!






English version:

I just got back from Japan. Ten days' worth of unpacking and laundry is a sight to see! I currently feel like I'm living in a space between Japan and the US. I suppose I will have to return to reality someday, but I will work hard to preserve the inspiration and rejuvenation I got by being back in Japan.

I learned that I can't properly create art without having experiences in Japan. During this hiatus, I learned more about what I want to say with my art, and what I need to paint for myself. More than "objects" or "faces", I truly desire to present a "nostalgic feeling or mood." Maybe the glitters of remembrance I have from living in Japan when I was small. Also, I have a great longing to convey the feeling of being in a dark, quiet forest surrounded by plants. I'm not sure why I'm longing with such familiarity for a place I've never known, and why that longing is mixed so inexplicably with my childhood memories.

Perhaps I will find out if I paint. Or perhaps, I don't need to ever know.

Anyway, I will paint.

Thank you everyone.

+++ Appendment:

Don't worry, I'm not going to give up painting gorgeous girl faces anytime soon. But I'm going to now try to pay more attention to minimalist compositions, gradients, darker (or extremely light) backgrounds, environment, color de-saturation, monotone, neater rendering of plants, mood, feeling... I want to bridge the gap between what I want to paint and what I would display in my own minimalist modern dream home. 


This is the type of Japanese forest which beckons my imagination!