Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Organized Way to Fulfill Those 2016 G O A L S

Standing on the brink of the Sea of Japan in October this year.

 I've never really liked New Years' resolutions because they seem hokey and woefully flaky to me.

However, this past year I've been reminded that writing down actual goals (WHAT, HOW and BY WHEN) is a powerful thing. So, here they are!

Goal #1: Raise the value of myself.

How: I recently attended a seminar by an Australian business billionaire. One thing that he said that stuck with me was "work harder on yourself than you do on your business." I'd never thought of that before. I had thought that running yourself ragged on behalf of your business shows how much you truly love it. But tis not so! And if you think about it, of course this makes sense. So how can I polish myself? For me, it means eating better and exercising more. It also means instead of spending my evenings scrolling FB, IG, Zillow or Houzz, (which, I never have anything to show for my time), I could finish dozens of books or work on home improvement projects that I never have time for. I could pay better attention to my spending habits and account for every penny that goes out the door, and why.

BY WHEN: My goal is to look and feel the exact way I want by March. To get there, I plan to drink my morning yoghurt smoothies for breakfast daily, and have my favorite green protein smoothie for lunch. Dinner can be something more exciting, but still healthy. I will go to the gym no less than 2 times per week, and run no less than two days per week. I am confident that I can reach my goal, since I've been going to the gym pretty regularly this entire year anyway. I want to use my evenings to read and finish one book per month. I am going to set an iPhone reminder so that I look at my budget and do any work that needs to be done, at 8pm every night.

Goal #1: Raise the value of my art.

HOW: By adjusting prices to something I feel fairly compensates me for my time and skill. By creating fewer pieces, but better pieces. Creating pieces that address my deepest feelings I want to evoke, by drawing on inspiration from my travels (don't waste them!)

BY WHEN: I want to have a new body of work (15 pieces or so) by the end of 2016, all worthy (no "filler") pieces that evoke the actual mood I'm after. I'd like to have the show in December 2016, in a good gallery space.

Goal #2: Raise the amount of my learning.

HOW: Experiment with new mediums and brands. Never be too proud to watch tutorial videos and learn about how to paint. There is no such thing as learning too much. Make it a point to watch beautiful foreign films and music videos for inspiration instead of endlessly pinning "dream home" stuff to Pinterest. Go to museums in the area and get on their mailing lists. Make it a point to attend new exhibitions, even if the descriptions don't interest me. It's good for your brain to search through less-inspiring stuff to find hidden treasures than to become desensitized to the endless streams of good images available through the internet.

BY WHEN: I must attend the newest exhibit at the Fred Jones Art Museum by the end of this weekend. I will endeavor to have a new favorite thought-provoking foreign film every month... something I can do on the weekends. By summer, I want to know how the old masters painted portraits and be able to emulate their glowing skintones.

What are your goals for 2016? How about trying out the what, how, by when method? Tell me how it goes!

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