I'd Kill Everyone On This Earth For You

"I'd Kill Everyone On This Earth For You" by JUURI
Digital collage of hand-painted elements | 24 x 24" (61 x 61 cm) | Prints available here

I'm sorry that instead of a typical expression

My utterance is only:

"I'd kill everyone on this earth for you."

Lifted from the words of a captain, for his daughter but

that's how I say, I'd follow you into death.

Ridiculous, ludicrous, foolish I know

Strong words from a fragile mouth, bare frame

To someone who really doesn't

Need any help at all.


Before I can kill anyone, I'll most likely be

Killed myself.

And the only fire left will be the one that heats the scarlet trickle

But that's alright with me.

This is a new piece which I made on location in New York City. I love making art when I travel, because I find fresh new influences and emotions that I don't know when I'm at home. 

The painting is beautiful yet violent; the female figure is both opulently arrayed with brilliant blue Hoopoe birds, and yet vulnerable and bare. Her gaze is unaffected and nonchalant... as if she is bleeding out from the neck as a matter of unavoidable (yet not wholly unexpected) circumstances.

I'd love to hear what this piece represents to you.

I'd Kill Everyone On This Earth For You I'd Kill Everyone On This Earth For You Reviewed by Julie R on 2:09 PM Rating: 5


  1. I love the use of the circular format in this series! Given the multitudes of symbolism involving a circle or continuous line in Japanese art, the integration into contemporary work is fantastic. I feel like the bold colors and shapes throughout really contribute to eye movement around the piece, but her expression and the rendering of her features and direct eye contact really engage the viewer. Even given the striking realization that the red is blood, and thus she must be hurt or hurting, its beautiful and kind of encapsulates the moment/essence, allowing the viewer to bring their own connotation gently rather than presenting the pain in a jarring way.

    1. Wow! Thanks for an art curator-worthy comment! You've described her in a way even I couldn't. You're seeing into my soul! :O

      Could I use your comment as a quote in a future post about this piece?

  2. I really appreciate the combination of the circular layout and the smooth lines of the birds. I love how it plays against the straight gold lines and the more straight blood trickle down the center of the frame. The look in her eyes in strong without being menacing.


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