Auction piece for IAM OKC "Night" sketch

I very much want to finish "Winter -Fuyu-" but I had to set that piece aside to make a series of smaller pieces for the International Arts Movement OKC charity auction. It's my goal to make 5 new pieces for the auction... the deadline is Dec 30th! Will I make it? We'll see. I feel very busy lately because I had another phone call yesterday asking if I wanted to be in a group show in Jan. I'm so glad I have 3 shows lined up, but now I must work extra hard! But I'm not complaining, and I keep hearing Simon Cowell's voice in my head saying "That's a high-class problem to have." La! I will work hard!

Btw I think I'll call this one "Night -Yoru-." Notice she has a kanzashi in her head except that it's the kanji for "night." I plan to detail that part in gold leaf.

Auction piece for IAM OKC "Night" sketch Auction piece for IAM OKC "Night" sketch Reviewed by JUURI on 4:32 PM Rating: 5

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