Thursday, January 27, 2011

Themes for new work -Girl in the quiet, dark, lush forest-

I have a solo show coming up in May... which means that I'd like to have at least 15 new pieces to show. This means that I have to make roughly one painting per week! Ah! With all the other things I have to do in my life (I am not able to do my art full-time yet,) this will be a TASK. However I'll get it done somehow.

I've been thinking a lot about what theme I'd like to purse for the new works. I've decided to revert to a scene (or idea) that I've had in my heart for years... it's like a dream (I indeed have dreamed about it,) or a fantastical setting, or maybe my heart just longs to be in a place like this. It's a quiet, dark forest... not dark in a threatening way, but in a comforting, safe, and cozy way. There is soft moss to walk on, and a mysterious trickling brook. The sky is almost entirely blocked out by thick foliage, but there are shafts of pure sunlight streaking through in some places. There may in places be ruins of ancient buildings (also covered by soft moss) and a few animals walking by here and there. The air is still, yet echo-y, neither hot nor cold, and you can hear a faint twitter of exotic birds.

That's my dream and fantasy that's in the deep part of my soul. I'm not sure why, or how long it's been there, but so it is. So of course for my work, I'll try to capture the feel of this elusive setting in conjunction with my beautiful girls.

Here are some images that inspire me.


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