Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crazy Mad Wonderful Nathan DeYoung

I've FOUND IT!!! Nathan DeYoung's works are like my DREAM works. They are exactly what my heart wishes to see! Perfectly beautiful combination of detail + wild washes! AHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm screaming the walls down!I'm screaming on the inside! Check out the mind-blowing beauty for yourself.

He perfectly addresses something I've been pondering lately. I adore non-objective, textural works. I do. I ADORE them. However, I've never been good at painting them. My painting fingertips NEED a human figure in order to be happy. BUT, in my love of contemporary interior design, I'm always keen to decorate with a non-objective piece. A realistic piece somehow doesn't look at good in my fave mode of house design. HOWEVER Nathan's works are the rare balance between the two worlds, I think. If I were rich, I'd fill my mansion with his works. It'd be a crazy wonderhouse of uberdesign!

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