Crazy Mad Wonderful Nathan DeYoung

I've FOUND IT!!! Nathan DeYoung's works are like my DREAM works. They are exactly what my heart wishes to see! Perfectly beautiful combination of detail + wild washes! AHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm screaming the walls down!I'm screaming on the inside! Check out the mind-blowing beauty for yourself.

He perfectly addresses something I've been pondering lately. I adore non-objective, textural works. I do. I ADORE them. However, I've never been good at painting them. My painting fingertips NEED a human figure in order to be happy. BUT, in my love of contemporary interior design, I'm always keen to decorate with a non-objective piece. A realistic piece somehow doesn't look at good in my fave mode of house design. HOWEVER Nathan's works are the rare balance between the two worlds, I think. If I were rich, I'd fill my mansion with his works. It'd be a crazy wonderhouse of uberdesign!
Crazy Mad Wonderful Nathan DeYoung Crazy Mad Wonderful Nathan DeYoung Reviewed by JUURI on 10:30 PM Rating: 5

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