Studio Space! H@ll@!

I have the best part-time job in the world. It's actually got nothing to do with art, but every single person who works in my office is unparalleld-ly (is that a word? It is now) kind and jolly and wondrous.

There is a desk by the window that has lain unused for awhile... I asked my boss if I could rent it out as a studio space. THEN! She said I definitely COULD occupy it, but that I didn't have to pay a thing. SO KIND!!!!!!!! I've still got a bit more to clean up, but I started moving everything from my super cramped house to my new space! I'll post more photos when it's fully done... but here's the start. :P

Studio Space! H@ll@! Studio Space! H@ll@! Reviewed by JUURI on 8:00 AM Rating: 5

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