Masako Ando's Surreal Paintings

Masako Ando is a Japanese artist whom I discovered today via Supersonic Electronic. I LOVE the way she clusters surreal-ish objects around her pretty subjects. I especially love the child with the carnations (are they? I am so bad with flower breeds) piled around his face.

Unfortunately all the images I could find of Ando-san's work are rather small and hard to see. Does anyone know her kanji? That could help me find better results. Alas, the people I like are often so hard to find information about!

What theeee? Blogger is acting insane. I'll transfer my thought to a new post then.
Masako Ando's Surreal Paintings Masako Ando's Surreal Paintings Reviewed by JUURI on 10:12 AM Rating: 5

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