Fuco Ueda's Thought-Provoking Images

Have I written about Fuco Ueda before? Can't remember. Oh well. I'll write again. I was browsing her website yesterday and very awe-struck at her use of color. It's super distinctive, and makes her figures look like they're glowing with an ethereal light. The other thing I love about her work is that it's all very thought-provoking. There is such a story behind each piece. I want to work harder and put more story and symbolism into my work from now on. I always tend to skimp on pre-production of a painting because it all gets so boring and I want to get to the main event. But I'm going to try harder to think hard and plan and ponder and explore what message I want to convey with each work.

You can buy some of her products at very reasonable prices at AkaTako!
Fuco Ueda's Thought-Provoking Images Fuco Ueda's Thought-Provoking Images Reviewed by JUURI on 10:26 AM Rating: 5

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