2012 Plans & Lin Chi Ling

Hello everyone! I'm not dead, just was super duper busy with Christmas / New Year's stuff from the end of November onwards... I had lots of nice time with family, vacations, travel, etc etc. Hope everyone also got to meet with special people and relax.

But now I'm sick at home with a dreadful cold I caught on Dec. 26th. This is what I get for saying "I never get sick these days." Y.Y

My 2012 art resolutions are:

1. Make artwork consistently. Make a schedule for completing works and stick to it no matter what. (Well, almost no matter what.) I've done well on this point and have finished a piece already, despite feeling like I've been bashed in the face.

2. Be more inspired.
I realized that feeling inspired is a choice. I need to get rid of the lazy attitude that says "There's nothing cool to see around here" and think about everything more deeply. Sometimes you have to do some work to find treasures.

3. Have a dedicated blog/social media day. This should keep things more consistent and updated.

4. Watch a crazy number of foreign films for inspiration. I discovered that the public library has a huge number of them available to check out, of course for free. I'm going to start on them!

I was in a Japanese-drama type of mood today so I finally started watching "Moon Lovers" (Tsukino Koibito 月の恋人) which is a Kimura Takuya drama from like 1 or 2 years ago. I know, very late to be watching this. However I noticed actress Lin Chi Ling's absolutely bonkersly gorgeous proportions and figure. She is sooooo beau~ti~ful! I also love her face and sweet demeanor. Nice to find a muse even when I'm half dead and sneezing my life away on the sofa.

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