Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Artist Interview! Odile van der Stap

I will start having artist interviews now-and-again, when I find someone whom I think is exceptional, and when they are kind enough to answer my interview questions! Today, I'm featuring Odile van der Stap, who is a digital artist from the Netherlands.

Below is the first piece that interested me in her work. I love the interesting composition and angle of the nun's face, and the sweep of hair. I lover her use of symbolism, interesting composition and angles, and her great technical skill.

J: Do you do art full-time? How do you like working as a freelancer?

Odile: I don't do art full-time. I have a second job to pay my monthly expenses. When I earn money with art, it goes straight to my savings haha. I do like working as a freelancer, but like everything it has cons and pros. You get in touch with a lot of people who want illustrations for an unfair amount of money, or worse: for free. And these aren't just individual clients, even companies want to sit in the front row for a few dimes. On the other hand, it's a lot of fun to earn money with doing what I like most.

J: What is the art scene like in the Netherlands? Would you like to continue working there for a long time?

Odile: I get all my cliënts through the internet, so it doesn't really matter where I live but I think I would have better chances in the US concerning expositions and fame.

J: Your drawings and colors are so technically perfect and sophisticated. Did you study very hard to achieve this, or are you naturally talented?

Odile: I am, like most artists I think, naturally talented. But to keep improving and reach a certain level I do have to keep pushing myself to create better art everyday. It doesn't just comes natural. If I haven't been pursuing art as passionate as the last few years, I wouldn't be drawing the way I do now.

J: There is so much symbolism and meaning in your work. Is this imagery hard to come up with?

Odile: It depends. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to draw and it's on paper before I know it, but usually I have to experiment a lot before I get to the initial concept.

J: Who are your favorite artists?

Odile: I don't think I really have 'favorite' artists... But some artists who's work I like are: James Jean, Sam Weber, Bhao Pam, Lois van Baarle, Jeff Simpson, Yana Moskaluk, Cellar-fcp, Kidchan, but also artists like J.C. Leyendecker, Gustav Klimt, etc.

I will definitely have to check them out, and will be excited to see your new works, too. Thank you Odile!

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