New Muse: Kawaguchi Haruna 川口春奈

I was watching smapxsmap today and saw cute, cute, CUTE Kawaguchi Haruna! I'm sure she must be pretty popular in Japan right now, but I am *so* woefully behind on any of the trends, and *old person voice* I don't know who any of these new kids are.

I love her big black eyes, w shaped mouth, and adorable bangs (when she has them.) I should paint more girls with bangs. >_<

I love this hilarious Sony Bluray DVR commercial... dads, unless you buy this model, your sweet little girl will cry and cry that you forgot to record her favorite show. Just like this. Haha!

New Muse: Kawaguchi Haruna 川口春奈 New Muse: Kawaguchi Haruna 川口春奈 Reviewed by JUURI on 9:42 AM Rating: 5

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