New Painting: “Trash or Treasure?”

I really felt the need to get back to painting watercolor on paper instead of acrylics on wood for awhile. There’s something about that paper texture that endlessly inspires me. Maybe it my “meant-to-be” after all.

So here’s the piece I finished today. It’s called “Trash or Treasure?” The girl has the Japanese word “muyou” inscribed on her neck. It literally  means “no use” or “useless.” I’m sure it’s a feeling we all struggle with sometimes, and I feel it acutely these days. Below her, floating beside the orchid blossom, is the Japanese word “takara” or “treasure” written in gold. I really hope the girl finds that she is treasure, not trash.

Stylistically, I really enjoyed the simplicity and flat expanse of black. I’m crazy about Scandinavian interiors these days with their minimal palettes and forms. I’m sure that has had an influence on my mind and this piece.

What do you think about this piece? Do you like the message?

“Trash or Treasure?” | by JUURI | Watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil on board | 15×19″
New Painting: “Trash or Treasure?” New Painting: “Trash or Treasure?” Reviewed by Julie R on 5:11 PM Rating: 5

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