Yucatan Inspiration from Mexico: Maya

The Caribbean Sea at Tulum
A moodier, more monochromatic version of the Caribbean

I went to Mexico for a week and had a very refreshing time swimming in the Caribbean Sea! You can't imagine how emerald and turquoise the warm water is. I also found so many wonderful new plants, flowers, animals, and fish... so inspiring.

Coconut baby?
The most beautiful wilted leaves of all time
Swimming in cave / mountain springs with crystal clear (cold!) blue water. Fish all around!
One night, I saw at my hotel the most beautiful Mexican girl of all time. To me, she looked exactly like all the girls in my paintings combined and come to life! I'm not sure how that's possible, since my girls are Japanese. But in some magic way, it was. Waaaaaaahhhh, she was gorgeous! >.< Of course, I was super shy and terrified to talk to such a stunning lady... though I really wanted to take her photo. The other sadness is that I can't speak Spanish. I'm pretty sure it would have been an awkward disaster. But, I still keep thinking about my perfect "Maya" as I've 勝手に named her in my mind. Hah...

At least the ghost of her memory can inspire my new piece! Maybe it's better that I didn't get to know her. Sometimes mystery is the best motivator of art.

Here is her sketch progress. She has big jade earrings and my Japanese-esque interpretation of two scarification tattoos on her head. I made her have long hair because my girl Maya had long, dark hair. As this painting progresses, I'll add more to this post.
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