Amazing artist: 非(hi)

Audrey Kawasaki finds the best things EVER! This time she found a mysterious Japanese artist called 非(hi). We don't know if he/she's a guy or girl. Anyway his/her works are AM-A-ZING. They'll zing your socks off. They are digital, but to me they look like oils. Look at this use of color, the "brush"strokes, the power! I feel sorry for some of his/her subjects because they look like they are victims of human trafficking and the Cordilla Virus. Oh well. Here are my faves of that aren't quite as creepy.

Totally all the symptoms of the Cordilla Virus. (I am obsessed with 24 as you can see)

Does anyone know more about this artist?
Amazing artist: 非(hi) Amazing artist: 非(hi) Reviewed by JUURI on 9:45 AM Rating: 5

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