Biggest Painting Yet! "Dream Moon -Oboro Zuki-"

I finally finished the biggest painting I've ever done in my life (I think.) She is called Dream Moon -Oboro Zuki- and is mixed media (including tons of gold leaf) on board and 48x27.

See how the gold leaf shines!

Did you notice something clever about the dimensions? They equate to 16x9, which is my favorite ratio and a secret salute to my involvement with lots of video production during the course of my life. It really is an eye-pleasing dimension, I think.

I for once am happy with this girl's face; she was the first face I've ever drawn that I found so beautiful that I almost
fell in love with the paperhad to stop and stare. I'm not trying to be arrogant... I promise this has never happened to me before in my life. Maybe it's the fuchsia-colored lips. I don't know, but it was a rare enough happening for me to take note.

The kanzashi in her hair is made out of Japanese paper. I painted on the pattern of the ajisai (hydrangeas) and cut them out. It took for-EV-ER.

Here's an exciting step-by-step album on my FB page showing how she was made! Enjoy~

See "Dream Moon" come to life! --->
Biggest Painting Yet! "Dream Moon -Oboro Zuki-" Biggest Painting Yet! "Dream Moon -Oboro Zuki-" Reviewed by JUURI on 10:30 PM Rating: 5

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