Newest piece "Tears & Rain -Namida Ame-

Here's my newest, called "Tears & Rain -Namida Ame." (Thanks to my best friend Sayuri for thinking of the title!)

It's a mixed media collage on Masonite board, 18x34. The elements I used: watercolor+colored pencil painting of the girl's face, gold leaf, Japanese paper (for the flowers), and the background is acrylic paint. Next time I think it'll do a step-by-step of my method. I wanted to try it out first to make sure everything worked ok.

makeask E to build a frame for this tomorrow.

I'm so excited that I'm having a very favorable reaction to this piece... lots of new "likes" on my FB page including who but my beloved Audrey Kawasaki! What can I do but squeal like a teenage girl!???

But seriously, THANK YOU to everyone who is following my work. I can't express in any human tongue how much it means to me.

On another (and unrelated to art) note, I chopped my hair off. What say you? *Aragorn voice*

Newest piece "Tears & Rain -Namida Ame- Newest piece "Tears & Rain -Namida Ame- Reviewed by JUURI on 11:46 PM Rating: 5

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