For Once, a Boy Painting: "Indomitable II -Fukutsu-"

I finally finished the first BOY I've drawn in a long time. It was interesting because I felt a different kind of power or excitement to draw him. It was good for a change, though now I'm ready to get back to my gorgeous girls. XD

Here he is from start to finish. His look, theme, and styling are similar to another piece I've done, so I decided to name him "Indomitable II -Fukutsu-" He is mixed media collage on wood, 27x48", so pretty large. In a few short days he will also be framed beautifully, mounted on a wooden base. Want him? Thanks to PayPal you can buy him anytime you please~ He is $1,000 USD with free shipping (in the US.)

The initial line drawing.

Watercolors go down~

Working on the background...

Detail of the face

Finished! Yeah!

For Once, a Boy Painting: "Indomitable II -Fukutsu-" For Once, a Boy Painting: "Indomitable II -Fukutsu-" Reviewed by JUURI on 10:00 AM Rating: 5

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