Charlotte Carey, My Love

Here's my girl Charlotte Carey. She's half Indonesian, half Caucasian. I'm totally crazy about her! She gives me an extra power to paint the most beautiful girls possible.

The long way home. from andrew kuykendall on Vimeo.

It's interesting that the girls who inspire me the most do not often look like the girls in my paintings. Even the faces that I personally think are the prettiest are not always the ones that inspire me to draw. That discrepancy is something I'm continually discovering. It's like my girls have a mind of their own and they decide how they want to look. I like following them to see where they lead.

However something I always wish for is my perfect model to be HERE. IN TOWN. But since there is a shortage of Japanese (or other Asians) where I live, I currently do not have a fave live model. :*(. I know you might think "Just use a Caucasian girl and make her eyes skinnier." But alas, that doesn't work so well. Something always looks wonky when you do that.

In college, my best model was my best friend in the whole world. That was suuuper convenient! But now, she lives in Tokyo so I can't take photos of her whenever I wish. I hope I can find another model sometime sooooon!

Oh yes I told Charlotte of my admiration of her features and she said

"thank you!!!! xxx"

Ah! My crazy Japanese propensity to be a nutso fan girl is stirring! >_<

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