Peter Gronquist's Gold-Plated Weapons & Antlers

I think this might be my first post about a 3-D artist. Yay for firsts! Anyway today I found Peter Gronquist. His art is not like ANYTHING I've ever seen before in my life! It's rocking my face off. Pretty much if you saw me now, you'd see I have no face. You have to see it to believe it. His sculptures combine three things I love: animals, gold/bling/fashion brands, and guns. How can those things go together, you ask? Well, check it OUT.

My eyeballs are literally about to pop out of my face. I'd TOTALLY have an entire WALL of these guns. Not joking. I'm about to screeeeaaaaaaam! I also like that there is a pretty strong message about the fashion industry in general. And of course, being an animal lover, the taxidermy bothers me a little but hopefully those animals were already dead when he decided to use them. :\

I'm sad that I didn't think of the gun/fashion theme first, although it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be able to do anything like this anyway. I suck at 3-D. But I have been wanting to incorporate the machine guns with my girls. Hmmm... ideas, ideas. We'll see where they lead.
Peter Gronquist's Gold-Plated Weapons & Antlers Peter Gronquist's Gold-Plated Weapons & Antlers Reviewed by JUURI on 9:38 AM Rating: 5

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