Japanese Festival in Norman!


Back in 2011, amidst all my talk about being way too busy and not having time to do anything, I momentarily lost my mind and applied to the Norman Arts Council's Individual Artist Awards. We were to come up with an art project that we wanted to share with the community, and, if we were selected, we'd be able to bring our project to life at Mainsite Gallery on Main St.

So I ended up being selected after all, and my extreme crunch time is coming to fruition this Friday, April 20th! I don't know why I keep getting myself into these things, but due to the fact that I keep doing it, I must secretly be in love with working under pressure. ^^

So anyway, the event, which I've

titled "Japanese Festival in Norman!" will include my newest art pieces (four large pieces and four small drawings), along with handmade hot-off-the-grill okonomiyaki! If you are in the vicinity, please do come join the fun!

This event will be part of Norman's 2nd Friday Art circuit which is actually rescheduled to the 3rd Friday of this month due to a tornado outbreak on the true 2nd Friday. Hopefully this time, the galleries/shops will be open on Main St. It should be a fun time! (Of course, the night's events are all free of charge.)

Here is a snippet of the works that I'll show.

↓ "Happy Now? Photobucket ↓ "Snow Girl" Photobucket ↓ "Rain Boy" (Detail) Photobucket ↓ "Hollyhock Warrior" (Detail) Photobucket ↓ "Camellia Girl" (Detail) Photobucket ↓ "May I Come Out Now?" (Detail) Photobucket
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