New Work: "Despot"

I just finished this rather large piece on birch plywood. I wanted the girl's expression to be innocent but pained; hence her skintone is pale. I didn't put down any base color for her skin... the color you see there is the natural birch wood tone.

"Despot" 36x24. Acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, and metallic pen on birch.

Here's the poem I wrote for the piece. For me, it deals with restrictions and even imprisonment that we push onto ourselves. We hold the key in our hands, but for some reason we choose to stay in chains. There is no "despotic ruler" holding us back from achieving what we want to do... the despots are ourselves.


As the dullness intensifies
And the ease becomes laborious
Mediocrity sits atop the pinnacle
But no-one seems to notice.

When the hourglass seems to feed itself,
Where is my escape?
My bonds are made of nothing real.
Why are they so tight?

I strike blows an enemy unknown
As I wither under the despotism
Of nothing much at all.

I hope you find a piece of yourself in this painting, and that it will help you face your struggles head on.

Now some background on my process!

I was inspired by this photo I found online of a girl and her gorgeous hot pink dress which fills up most of the composition.

I was also randomly watching Star Trek and saw this unbelievably alluring young Famke Janssen. I was insanely inspired by the "turn of her throat", her giant hair, and those amazing dark eyes! >_< Though the final face doesn't resemble hers much, looking at her still gave me power for the piece.

And here's my dorky webcam posing for the hands. Never mind my unmade bed.

Let me know your thoughts on the piece! See you soon <3

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