Double Print Release with Thirty Seconds Out!

I'm very excited to announce a double exclusive print release in collaboration with veteran-owned streetwear + art brand Thirty Seconds Out.

There are two prints in this series, and each one is limited to only 50. They are all signed and numbered by me! They are $49.99 + shipping and can be purchased either through my shop or Thirty Seconds Out's shop.

Once the 50 prints are sold out, they will never be re-printed. They are printed on slick semi-gloss paper and are 18 x 18".

I first saw Thirty Seconds Out's morale patches sported by a friend who is in law enforcement. I loved all the strong / quirky statements that sank right to my valor-loving heart. I was also really impressed with the way Evan at Thirty Seconds Out loves making art. He says at first, he didn't know what the heck he was doing but he did it anyway. I LOVE that spirit. Of course I found the combination of the love of art (especially street art), plus the strong statements and support for military members perfectly matches my vibe too!


"Belt Fed Hate Machine" This piece is my version of Evan's shirt of the same name. You can read about his shirt here.

Evan's shirt is an artistic response of someone who has actually been to war. I really felt a connection to it, and my brain feels like it understands although obviously my body doesn't, since I have never had to actually fight anybody much less be deployed overseas to do so. I have so much respect for young people who give up their lives so that other people can live freely. Of course a girl, roses, and machine gun belts translate into one of my girls quite perfectly... so I hope my piece is a compliment!

"No One is Coming; It's Up to Us" This is a statement from one of Evan's morale patches (the one I first saw.) The statement really sank into my heart.

There are so many situations in which you can't wait around for someone else to do what's right... YOU have to do it. This could mean an active shooter situation, a bullying situation, or just life in general.

I also thought about the story of a local police officer whom I got to meet one time. During one of her patrols, she was attacked by a teenager with an AR-15. As soon as he saw her patrol car, he started shooting at her. He discharged 26 rounds; six of which hit her. The dots in the piece represent the shot pattern of where the bullets actually hit her. Amazingly, she ended up making a full recovery and returned to police work. Her courage blows my mind to pieces!

Anyway, I hope my explanations make you love the prints more. They look excellent framed and make perfect gifts... snag one (or two, or three) before they are gone forever!

Be brave, have respect

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