New Tradigital Art: "Four Hundred and Thirty"

This tradigital piece came about sporadically and I wasn't even sure what it meant until I was at the end, when all the meanings started pouring out into my head and it just made me scream!

The flowers are the Albizia flower, a mysteriously sweet and nostalgic memory from my childhood. I just recently found out the name of the plant! It turns out they are used as herbs for relieving stress and depression. Again I didn't know that when I started painting them :)

The title, "Four Hundred and Thirty", refers to the number of long years that the ancient Jews were slaves in Egypt before they were set free. This painting is also about people who come out of an interminably long lifetime of mental slavery. How many of us still live like slaves when we are completely free, purchased at a great price?

Four Hundred and Thirty | 48x48" | Tradigital Art | Print available in S, M, L sizes

Anyway, here is the poem I wrote for this piece. It's from the point of view of a little lamb, who is actually the main character of the painting although you don't see him.

Four Hundred and Thirty years
Is a long time to be a slave.
So long that you'll probably
Find it familiar, and freedom strange.
Maybe that's why you'll keep
Seeking the burden.

Thirteen days you looked after me
Tomorrow I'll no longer be, but
When your doorways glow crimson
Know that judgment has passed over

Remember you are free
For I make you free indeed
Split the ropes and break the yoke
Children, drop your chains
And sing

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