Monday, November 26, 2012

Giant Robot 2's Post It Show 8 in Los Angeles!

Guh! I'd forgotten all about Post It Show 8 until not that long ago, so here I am getting some pretty post-its done at the last minute (again.) I had soooooo much fun with these, though. They are on the theme of "mythological creatures + girls" that I've been in a frenzy of lately.

Info about the show is here. Hope you LA people can attend and snatch up some great mini-sized art for $25 per piece! Wahooze!

I made three. They are all colored pencil + white graphite on pink post-its. Gold pen accents.

"Little Medusa." This was when she only had one snake in her hair and she wasn't ugly. (I made this up.)

"Cerberus' Ward" She's howling alongside her three-headed doggy master.

"Fauna" A girl faun. ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Work: "Despot"

I just finished this rather large piece on birch plywood. I wanted the girl's expression to be innocent but pained; hence her skintone is pale. I didn't put down any base color for her skin... the color you see there is the natural birch wood tone.

"Despot" 36x24. Acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, and metallic pen on birch.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume

I went all-out for Halloween this year as Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Check out my hard work. XD

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends From All Over the World - JUURI Needs A Tissue!-

It's not often I get misty-eyed at work, but today I had so many new "likes" on the JUURI Facebook page and I got curious, so I asked where all these new friends were from. Answers:

Sometimes I feel like I'm struggling to make art in a tiny space in a moderately-small town in a most-often-ignored state in the US of A, a country which is more isolated than we think. But your sweet responses have reminded me that the beauty I create here is enjoyed by people not only all over the US, but all over the world. You guys inspire my socks off and give me power to make more art! Wawawawah I might cry for real.

Thank youuuuuuuuuu, my worldwide friends!!!! I'll keep making wonderful things to brighten your days! xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Artist Inspiration: 智内兄助 Kyosuke Tchinai

Kyosuke Tchinai's paintings are truly remarkable and extremely unique in the way they combine Japanese traditional style with more of a "world" feel... almost like he weaves styles of many cultures across the globe into his intricate, gold-laden treasures.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Peaceful Monday Morning

Since the end of July, I've been in a whirlwind of deadlines, colds, stomach flu, surgery, and stomach flu again! However today I think I'm finally feeling well. It's a beautiful sunny, crisp autumn morning and I have my cup of coffee and the light in the studio is beautiful.

I feel at peace right now. It's a lovely way to start the week. I am going to choose to believe that something wonderful will happen this week! :3

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Painting: "The Standing Death of Ben-Kei St. Sebastian"

Whoo, new painting!

I've been having a bit of medium identity crisis lately, confused about what I truly like best. This piece is the first I've done in awhile that is entirely on Arches watercolor board. No collage of patterns this time; everything is hand-drawn. The only "collage" part is my signature stamp and the gold leaf.

I've also tried to incorporate more of my non-objective elements into the background to tie in a little with my recent "abstract" paintings for Fash Art Home.

So here he is the handsomely tortured guy!

"The Standing Death of Ben-Kei St. Sebastian" |  18x24 |  Watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, & gold leaf on board
Detail of the shiny gold leaf halo/moon.
And here is the poem I wrote for the painting:

The Standing Death of Ben-Kei St. Sebastian

For my master or the king
I’d always wished to die.

But as the world began to dim
And all the arrows entered in

My end would be, to my chagrin
A wasted, senseless battle cry.

For ‘twas not royalty I held
Within my arms, all thick with barbs
 It was some man’s imagining
Of a squabble paramount
Inside the circus-master’s ring.

This piece is inspired by the old paintings of St. Sebastian, all run through with arrows. He is also Ben-Kei, a brave warrior-monk from Japanese history who died defending his prince (and took his last breath standing up because he would not collapse even under a barrage of arrows.)

Do you have any ideas as to what this poem is about?  I'd love to hear what it and the piece make you think.

You'll be able to see this piece in person at Coffee Slingers in OKC as part of a little group show I'm doing next month. More info to come on that event!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Was Found by Lost At E Minor

I have some exciting news!

OK, so I often read the art & culture blog "Lost At E Minor." It's really interesting and has tons of cool and bizarre stuff too. AND YEAP. Their FB page has like 28,000 fans. Holla!

One day, out of nowhere, they contacted me to put my prints in their online store! I am very excited about this collaboration ^^/ (Note: the prices have international shipping included.)

Watch this space for more LAEM x JUURI features and interaction.

Check out their site and tell me what you think!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Feature in Zupi Magazine from Brazil

Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate it!

A few weeks ago, I received a mysterious piece of mail from Brazil.

 What could it be? The answer was...

The newest copy of Zupi magazine! And wow, I was impressed with how beautiful this booklet was. The paper is very high-quality and the publication reminded me of a Brazilian version of Hi-Fructose. Great work inside. Check them out!

And here's my little spread on page 56 - 57... Yay! (Ehehe, it was hard to take this pic of myself... @_@;)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Your Art Mean Something

One of the biggest problems that beginner artists have is that they simply pick an image they like from a calendar or the internet and copy it. That might be a good way to practice, but if you keep doing that, your end product won't have much meaning. It's someone else' idea, someone else's rendering of their emotion.

Even if you have to paint with crappy reference material, I encourage you to make your work your own personal interpretation of something important to you. "But I'm not an interesting person," you might say (as I did before.) "I don't want to talk about myself. There's nothing exciting to tell." But think about it. Each time you talk, you are expressing yourself. Anytime you interact with any other person, you are revealing something of your nature, your past, and your experiences. There is no-one on earth who has nothing exciting to tell.

To infuse more symbolism, deep meaning, and unanswerable questions into my art, I've decided to turn to poetry! Before I begin each artwork, I will now make a poem about the theme I'd like to explore. Something intensely precious, painful, frightening, or wonderful from my personal experience. This poem will set the tone for the piece and be like my guide map while I'm creating the work.

The first painting I did this way was "May I Come Out Now -Mou Iikai-". In this poem, I wanted to express the sinking feeling that comes from knowing I ended a precious friendship(s). I don't know if I'll ever be able to surface again, if the friendship will ever be mended, or if I'll have to stay in hiding; ignoring this person(s) forever. Also, "mou iikai" is the chant that kids say in Japan when they are playing hide-and-seek. It's like "Are you ready yet?" In this poem, I wanted to ask, "Are we finished being angry with each other? Mou iikai? Is it enough yet?"

Ever hidden, ever concealed, motionless.

Sounding! Two fathoms.

Sounding! Thirteen fathoms.

Sounding! Twenty fathoms.

Entangled, surrounded, barely breathing.
In a sepulcher of one’s own making.
Deluded, not by a mirage of water,
For water is the mirage.
Will it come to an end?
Are enemies eternal?

May I come out now?

↓ The finished piece, below.


I'll reveal the poem for my next painting. What imagery does it evoke for you? Can you understand what it might be about?


They said:


The vanity I concede,
But to the others I say
They were the paltry attempts
Of this infantile, trembling thing

Trying to appear strong.

Let me know what you think of today's post, and watch for big, meaningful paintings ahead! <3 JUURI

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

JUURI's "Sweet Summer" Show on July 27th!

↑ "Kakigoori Girl" Mixed media & gold leaf on wood. {SOLD}

Be sure to catch my upcoming summer show of my newest works on wood! These smaller pieces range from 4x6" to 7.5x11" and feature candy-colored girls, Japanese traditional sweets, and plenty of gold leaf.

The show will be available to view online at swoongallery starting July 27th (Friday.) If you'd like to be part of the show preview so that you can claim your favorite pieces before the general public, email hello (at) There will also be a number of smaller watercolors available.

If you have any questions, you can email me at watashi (at)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ombré Obsession + "Sweet Summer -Amanatsu-" Sneak Peeks

I am so crazy these days about ombré gradations. I just now realized that they seem to be showing up everywhere from fashion to hair to interiors (I'm a little late on the trend, I know.) I think it's time that I used some beautiful gradated colors for the backgrounds of my paintings.

↓ Clothing


↓ Nails


↓ Hair (Charlotte Free always looks gorgeous with dip-dyed pink hair!)


↓ Accessories


↓ Interiors


On a side note, I was scouring the internets trying to find a place where I could buy a few yards or ombré fabric to sew some pillows and cover some chairs in my house. ALAS, I could not find anything anywhere. Why on earth is it so trendy yet so hard to find? Etsy store idea, anyone? Anyway, after adjusting my keywords I finally did find one shop who had some. Ahhhh AliceInStitchesArts, you've saved my ombré-obsessed life! Once I make the pillows, they may show up in my home goods shop FashArtHome so keep a beady eye out.

The other side note is that I'm almost finished with all my small pieces on wood for my upcoming show "Sweet Summer -Amanatsu-." These have been fun and delightful to paint, although now I'm ready to start a giant painting! If you'd like to get on the exclusive preview list for this show (so you can see all the pieces before anyone else does) please email hello (at)





Monday, July 9, 2012

Alexandra Levasseur's Mesmerizingly Colorful, Sketchy Girls PART II

Here are some wonderful work-in-progress photos from the fabulous Alexandra Levasseur, whom I interviewed last week. I was truly intrigued at her process and super curious about the method in which she combines acrylics and colored pencils. These give a lovely peek into her universe.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out her website and shop!







Monday, July 2, 2012

Alexandra Levasseur's Mesmerizingly Colorful, Sketchy Girls PART I


Every now and again I find an artist whose work resounds so strongly in my soul that I can't paint or draw for days. I don't understand why this happens to me. Maybe it's because I'm basking in the amazing awesomeness of their work, and I can't quite figure out how I will ever draw or paint something satisfactory again. In any case, I like having these slightly weird yet wholly consuming experiences. My brain is filled with their work for days on end! I'm like a crazy maniac, heehee. Once again, thanks to ever-vigilant Supersonic Electronic for the reminder of today's featured artist.


My recent obsession is Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur. I am crazy about the raw energy, sketchy quality, funky shapes, and use of negative space in her paintings of girls. Oh, the bright colors! Oh, the way the floral patterns are absorbed seamlessly into the figures! The super-contemporary scrawl of shapes and letters! You should read about her drawing a day project and the interesting meaning behind these glum-looking ladies. I also identify with the theme, since lethargy and dull moods are often an obstacle I have to overcome, as well. Though I have nothing like her excuse of a frigid Canadian winter ^^


Alexandra sells prints and originals of many of the paintings you see on her site. Add her Etsy shop to your favorites, on the pronto. I command it!

Check out my interview with sweet Alexandra below.


J: Your style is a super unique mixture of detail and rough, sketchy style. How did you develop it? Have you always painted like this?

A: I don't really know HOW I did develop it.... I think it is just my natural way of creating images: half well planned, half spontaneous and emotional. This "style itself" certainly strengthens the concepts of contradiction and bipolarity that are always present in my work. I didn't always paint like this, I have been experimenting throughout the years and I am still!


J: I see that you are Canadian but studied in Costa Rica and Spain. Why did you decide to go there? What influence did these countries have on your style?

A: I left Canada at the age of 18, to do a one-year student exchange to learn spanish in Costa Rica: I've always been attracted to latin-american countries. I eventually decided to stay there to study a B.A. in Fine Arts / Graphic Design. After that, I went to Barcelona to specialize my career by completing a postgraduate in Illustration.

Ten years of tropical climate and wild nature of Costa Rica versus hard cold seasons of Canada and all the differences between some cultural aspects do influence my work on a daily basis.... for sure! I think it may have influenced more my themes and ideas than my style. Barcelona was indeed very inspirational for being a city full of art/artists.

J: Your "one drawing a day" project is amazing and your ideas seem endless. What inspires you to keep thinking of fresh imagery for your work?

A: My "one drawing a day" project kind of turned into "3 drawings a week" project because I started to add more and more details and plan better each one, etc.... But still it is a spontaneous and everyday work.  

My starting point for each piece is always the mood of the moment: the emotion i want to communicate either through the eyes of my characters, their face or the body language. I always try to find the way to link it with the weather conditions of the day/week and try to add some content that will tell a little story to the viewer. My work is very personal, it reflects childhood memories and nostalgia, love, lonelyness, etc.... And I'm obsessed with floral textiles, wall papers, fabrics of any kind....... ! As a part of my process I take a lot of photographs to use as references and I cut out magazine parts or images found on the internet, make a big collage out of this to put together my ideas and then draw it on paper. 

In part II, you'll be able to hear a little more from Alexandra and see some exclusive, super-special work-in-progress pics from the artist herself! Until next time, <3 JUURI

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Separation of Art & Money

Here's to all my artists who were born with mad crazy talent. To all the ones who practice hours on end, day after day, obsessively maniacal about their craft... but don't have letters after their names to prove they paid for (or are eternally paying for) a man-made degree.

To all the crazy buddies who don't see lack of funds as an obstacle. To the ones who will paint on scrap wood out of dumpsters when they can't afford a canvas. Because creativity can't be bridled by limited supplies. Because creativity is in your very souls.

To my friends who create whatever their artist minds long to create, whether it makes sense, whether it will sell, whether the paper they happened to start drawing on is 100% acid free archival with 100-year guaranteed longevity. To those who must, who are driven to, capture those beautiful fleeting moments.

To those who are brave enough to separate art from money. To be continually enthralled by insane ideas, outrageous ventures, and mad all-nighters.

To all my artists who will never be noticed by the super rich, influential people. Not because they aren't good enough, but because they are too good to perform their craft to suit another person's approval.

To those who don't seek to be under the shadow of someone else's greatness, but who make their own greatness.


PS. I adore you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Magic Paintbrush

I usually don't buy expensive brushes because I think sometimes people overvalue the brush and undervalue the skill of the one using the brush.


I must give a shout-out to my magical watercolor brush. It's amazing and can produce large washes, tiny detail, and holds water in the perfect amount. I do the majority of watercolor painting with this brush alone. Indeed, it must have been give to me by a fairy godmother sometime in my life.

(Actually, the truth is that this brush is the one that was required in my university watercolor course, tee-hee.) Am I happy that it was required, or what? I'll use it until it disintegrates (which will probably be in 100 years) and then quickly buy another one because I cannot live without this lovely thing. The price is super economical for how excellent this brush is. If you work with watercolor in any degree, I recommend you order this brush immediately.

Windsor & Newton Cotman No. 8 Round, my love.




I see that there's an entire series of the Cotman in various sizes. Uh-oh, where mah Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon be? XD